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Top 10 cele mai sexy hit-uri nr.1

Pentru că ziua bună se cunoaște de dimineață, iar seara, înainte de culcare, cu siguranță, există cel puțin un lucru frumos de făcut în doi, vă îndemnăm să dați un play! De muzică ne-am ocupat noi, indiferent de ora la care alegeți să vă bucurați intens de iubire. Am realizat un top 10 al celor mai sexy hit-uri care au fost nr. 1 de-a lungul timpului.

1. Captain & Tennille – Do that to me one more time (1980)
Cel mai sexy vers: “Do that to me one more time/ Once is never enough with a man like you”

2. Marvin Gaye – Lets Get It On (1973)
Cel mai sexy vers: “Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be?/ I’m asking you, baby, to get it on with me”

3. Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You (1994)
Cel mai sexy vers: “Throw your clothes, on the floor/ I’m gonna take my clothes off too/ I made plans to be with you”)

4. Toni Braxton – You’re Makin’ Me High (1996)
Cel mai sexy vers: “I can imagine you touching my private parts/ With just the thought of you, I can’t help but touch myself”

5. Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up (1991)
Cel mai sexy vers: “Let me take off all your clothes/ Disconnect the phone so nobody knows, yeah”

6. The Pointer Sisters – Slow Hand (1981)
Cel mai sexy vers: “I want a lover with an easy touch/ I want somebody who will spend some time/ Not come and go in a heated rush”

7. Silk – Freak Me (1993)
Cel mai sexy vers: “Let me lick you up and down, ’til you say stop/ Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot”

8. Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down (1987)
Cel mai sexy vers: “I can’t stop thinking of the things we do/ The way you call me, baby, when I’m holding you”

9. Roberta Flack – Feel like making love (live) (1974)
Cel mai sexy vers: “When you talk to me, when you’re moanin’ sweet & low/ When you’re touchin’ me and my feelin’s start to show”

10. R. Kelly – Bump N’ Grind (1994)
Cel mai sexy vers: “See I know just what you want and I know just what you need, girl/ So baby bring your body to me”